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“I was 18 years old when I started and the instructors were like coaches and mentors. All courses were applicable, and I highly recommend [it] ...”

Marcie Flamand
Sergeant, Recruiting Unit
Vancouver Police Department

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Passionate about teaching, Langara College instructors have made teaching at the college level their chosen career. Our award-winning instructors are dedicated to delivering the most relevant education possible.

Kelly Sveinson  
Department of Chemistry

Kelly has helped maintain and enhance an academic department that excels in chemistry education.

Environmental Studies

This interdisciplinary program explores issues and ideas beyond the boundaries of any single subject area.

Highlights include:

  • Developing Haida Gwaii Studies, a unique experiential educational program
  • Developing and implementing Fraser River Studies, a distinctive field experience-based educational program.

Chemistry and Environmental Studies

In addition to teaching many courses offered at Langara College, Kelly actively participates in new course development, curriculum review and maintenance, departmental strategic planning and design of new student experiments and projects.

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