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Environmental Stewardship

Wetlands: a Community Gift


Walden Pond, situated on the northeast corner of the campus, has been successfully transformed into a demonstration wetland environment thanks to a $20,000 gift from the VanCity EnviroFund.

"We have re-established some of the plants and animal communities that may have existed 100 years ago in this area," says Environmental Studies program coordinator Kelly Sveinson.

"Our students have gained important skills in ecological restoration and the site will continue to naturalize, providing an ever-evolving 'living laboratory' for future students."

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"Our goal is always to be more energy-efficient. Going green is an ongoing project. You can’t just do it and walk away."

Jay Strachan
Director Facilities and Purchasing

Langara College recently won the Leadership Award in the Education: Universities and Colleges sector category from Canada's Climate Change Voluntary Challenge & Registry (VCR).

Langara College is both a VCR registrant and a participant in the federal Energy Innovators Initiative program, and through consistent efforts is able to claim the best greenhouse gas reduction results in this sector. Along with comprehensive lighting retrofits, new building controls and central plant upgrades, part of the college's innovative energy reduction strategy is a well thought out campaign to communicate efficiency information to staff and students through e-mail, posters and newsletters.


Together, these measures are responsible for a 7.4% cut in electricity consumption below 2000 levels, the year an energy efficiency retrofit project was initiated. When this figure is adjusted for weather and load growth, Langara reports a 13% decrease in the intensity of its electricity use.

Natural gas usage in 2002 was decreased 10.4% below 2000.

The College also supports carpooling and subsidizes student transit passes with proceeds from on-site parking fees. Additionally, staff and students recycle many products, including mixed papers, beverage containers, fluorescent tubes and toner cartridges, with proceeds from the beverage containers supporting student bursaries. Shredded papers and biodegradable kitchen waste from the cafeteria fuel on-site worm composting.



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