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Linda Arnold
Dean of Instruction
Martin Gerson
Dean of Instruction

“We’re really in an evolutionary process right now,” according to Linda Arnold, one of the College’s two Deans of Instruction. Her colleague, Martin Gerson, agrees.

Between 75 and 80 percent of the full-time equivalent students enrolled in the Arts and Science University Transfer program are enrolled in courses that may culminate in an Associate Degree or Diploma that is transferable to universities.

But in the next five years, certain key areas are likely to expand to four-year degree-granting programs, meaning that students won't need to transfer at all. Four-year Langara graduates will achieve a "baccalaureate degree with applied outcomes." "Applied outcomes" means that rather than a liberal arts degree, which provides education without necessarily linking it to a career, the baccalaureate will prepare the student for a certain profession. Arnold and Gerson believe the move is a natural transition for the College.

"The Ministry of Advanced Education is beginning to recognize that universities don't have an unlimited capacity for transfer students," Arnold explains.

At this point, with the College's reputation for producing students who are more than equal to the challenges of university, "Langara is very well-positioned to provide more spaces for baccalaureate degrees in the province," says Gerson. The provincial legislation necessary to make such a change has been passed, and a proposal is in the works. The first program likely to make the change is nursing.

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