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Academic Excellence


My friends who attended university for first and second year had classes of 200 or more people.

At Langara, I had classes of 30. I was always able to get the help I needed.

Oliver Szeto
Associate of Arts and Science Degree grad
SFU Geography Student


Langara College attracts thousands of students each year who discover that smaller class sizes, award-winning instruction, and readily available services make their post-secondary education experience more successful. "Langara has by far the largest population of Arts and Science students of any of the colleges in the province. Even the university colleges don't have more than 50 per cent (Arts and Science students)," says Dean of Instruction, Martin Gerson.

More students transfer to the University of British Columbia from Langara College than from any other college in the province. More importantly, research shows that students who transfer to UBC after two years at Langara College have a higher Grade Point Average (GPA) at the end of third year than students who transfer from other colleges. These students maintain this higher GPA throughout their university studies, and graduate with higher GPAs.


The Aboriginal Studies Program provided me with skills and knowledge to achieve my future goal of being a First Nations lawyer. In completing the program I have been blessed with the reward of being confident and capable of meeting challenges head on and succeeding beyond my dreams.

Rhonda McRobb,
Aboriginal Studies Graduate, 2003

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