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Lifelong Learning

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Mandarin K-12

The CS Mandarin School Program is one of the largest in BC, with enrolment of over 1,000 students. It has grown by over 300% since 1997.

More than 700 students register each term for the fully-accredited K-12 program. Graduates of the program have the credits necessary to attend any Mandarin language university in the world.

In addition, 300 adults attend weekly for personal or business reasons.

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Since its inception in January, 1997, Langara College Continuing Studies (CS) has seen incredible growth, establishing itself as a leader in providing lifelong learning opportunities.

This success is due to many factors. Built on a strong foundation of teamwork, the program is devoted to a collaborative process with its many constituents. Programs and courses are developed in consultation with partnership agencies, industry leaders, and with a thorough understanding of adult learning trends.

Advisory bodies keep the curriculum relevant and current. The management team, program coordinators, and instructors balance a cutting-edge spirit with a concern for educational quality and continuous improvement.

Enrolment has continued to increase, from 1,500 in its first term in 1997, to more than 7,000 per term in 2004. Equal to the growth in enrolment, the program's success is defined by its depth and breadth of offerings.

Doug Soo

Over the past seven years, the landscape of adult education has expanded, both in demand and diversity of needs.

Our community understands the importance of keeping current with knowledge and skills, and this will continue to provide a fertile horizon for Langara College. Our job is to stay true to our values as we select, cultivate and nurture the most important and desirable opportunities.

Doug Soo
Dean of Continuing Studies


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